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Stephens Farm treats, spreads awareness of brain injuries

We provide wrap around services and residential support to twenty residents at Stephens Farm.

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Exploring Culturally Fluent Healthcare

Colorado Humanities is premiering the Exploring Culturally Fluent Healthcare panel discussion on March 20th at 6 p.m. on Facebook and YouTube.

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Hope Apartments conversion will address severe lack of services for people with brain injuries

Did you know that traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of death and disability in Colorado and the United States? In 2020, 176 Americans died in the US from a TBI-related injury every day. Any one of us could have a sudden fall, injury or accident that results in a brain injury and […]

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Person shoveling snow in driveway during winter snowstorm.

Avoid Injury While Shoveling Snow

It’s March! In Northern Colorado, that means you are patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting spring. It also means there will still be more snow to shovel! Spring snow tends to be wetter and heavier than the dry snow we typically have earlier in the winter, making snow shoveling even harder work.   It’s important to […]

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I typically write posts from the perspective of a healthcare professional; planning to include facts, numbers, and a lot of medical jargon (and I will still include some of that). After all, I am a physical therapist and geek out on research and evidence. But I write this post also as someone who has had […]

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Image of calendar that says, "Annual PT check-up @ Adeo"

Physical Therapy and Your Annual Check-up

Get In Gear With An Annual Check-up From A Physical Therapist Our bodies are like automobiles. Both have complex parts and operating systems that we don’t think about very often until something goes wrong. Whether it’s your car or your body, a breakdown of any sort can be inconvenient, bothersome, and even disastrous. If you […]

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Choose to Lose is a Winning Program for Weight Loss

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself, your health, and your well being? Let the experts at Adeo Physical Therapy help you meet your New Year’s resolution.

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals with ADEO Physical Therapy

Did you know physical therapy can be a winning factor in helping you achieve your fitness goals? Many people do not think of physical therapy when thinking about weight loss and other fitness goals.

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Adeo physical therapy client stretching legs

Why Stretching Should Be a Part of Your Daily Routine

Stretching should be a part of everyone’s routine. Whether you are an athlete, an active older adult, a young swimmer, or someone who doesn’t exercise on a regular basis – you should be stretching on a regular basis. There is a plethora of scientific evidence to support the benefits of stretching. Over the years, there […]

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Adeo foot and ankle pain image

Don’t Get Sidelined by Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain can throw a serious wrench into your lifestyle and activity level; especially if you walk or run for exercise. Foot and ankle pain are common in adults in their mid-forties and older. Acute ankle injuries are one of the leading bodily injuries that result in emergency room visits. Don’t get sidelined […]

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