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Hope Warm Water Pool Update

On March 16, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 crisis and Public Health orders, we made the decision to limit the use of the Hope Warm Water Pool for aqua therapy appointments only, until further notice. Appointments were scheduled through Adeo Physical Therapy. We knew that limiting pool use to essential health care appointments only […]

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Could Kegels Be Doing You More Harm than Good? 

What? But kegels (also called pelvic floor contractions) are good for everyone. That’s what the media says. That’s what medical doctors say. It’s common knowledge. Unfortunately, every time we hear about a pelvic floor problem we assume that it is due to weak muscles and that the only solution is to do kegels. But kegels are not a one-size-fits-all fix. […]

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Greeley Center for Independence: Growth, Optimism and Name Change to Adeo

Greeley Center for Independence (GCI) was originally founded by Hope Cassidy in 1977 as an all-volunteer organization rooted in Hope’s belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live as full a life as possible, regardless of ability. Hope’s legacy has continued to live on in GCI as we have grown and expanded over the […]

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3 Easy Steps to a Healthier, More Active Lifestyle

Is it really that easy to lose weight, be more active and eat healthier? Well, that typically depends on your mindset. Starting small and thinking about the positive changes you can add, instead of what you need to take away, can make all the difference!  Too often, we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with everything that we want to accomplish, when really, we just need to […]

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