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The challenges faced by people with brain injury often require long-term, lifelong disease management approaches. Almost 5,000 people in Colorado are hospitalized annually as a result of a brain injury, and almost half of them continue to experience disability a year after their hospitalization.

man reading book in his room at Stephens Farm Adeo Brain Injury Services

In 2004, Adeo became one of the first four agencies in Colorado to create a Supportive Living Program for adult survivors of brain injury.

Although several Supportive Living Programs are now available in Colorado, Stephens Farm at Adeo remains the only one in the Northern Colorado area.

What is a Supportive Living Program?

A brain injury may begin as an acute medical injury but it can shift into a chronic health condition that endures over a lifetime and presents a wide array of symptoms and evolving needs that cross over into multiple service systems.

Effects of a brain injury can include impaired thinking or memory, movement, sensation (e.g., vision or hearing), or emotional functioning (e.g., personality changes, depression).  These issues not only affect individuals but can have lasting effects on families and communities.

Supportive Living Programs are designed to provide home and community based services to adult survivors of brain injury, as an alternative to nursing home or hospital based services.

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Adeo Brain Injury Servicesman using accessible wheelchair ramp into van at stephens farm. Adeo Brain Injury Services

We offer a number of services in our Supportive Living Program, including:

  • Support with activities of daily living
  • Community engagement assistance
  • Medication assistance
  • Social/recreational/leisure activities
  • Assistance with meal preparation and housekeeping
  • Opportunities for volunteer work
  • Assistance with money management
  • Assistance with making and keeping medical and other appointments
  • Transportation

Community resources which may be accessed are:man in wheelchair inside accessible van at stephens farm. Adeo Brain Injury Services

  • Primary care or specialized doctors
  • Mental health services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy

Stephens Farm @ Adeo

Brain Injury Supportive Living Program

outside of stephens farm, greeley, colorado

Stephens Farm is a special place that offers a variety of services, enabling those with a brain injury to live empowered, full lives. All our residents present with a complex constellation of physical and behavioral health needs, and we tailor our support to each person’s individual needs.

Stephens Farm provides affordable, accessible housing along with 24×7 staff support. The community consists of eighteen studio apartments along with common areas for recreation and dining.

Services at Stephens Farm are designed to ensure that health and safety needs are met, while also providing assistance with community engagement such as volunteer and recreational activities, as well as assistance with meals, medication, housekeeping and activities of daily living.

woman relaxing in rocking chair outside stephens farm. Adeo Brain Injury Services

Care coordination to promote optimal health is our primary goal. Program staff works with each resident to assess individual needs and partner with the resident to provide appropriate support. We also partner closely with our residents’ physicians to prevent unnecessary hospitalization and emergency room visits.

We provide support for those who experience mental health and substance abuse issues by assisting them to access and maintain therapy and/or psychiatric treatment. The person-centered nature of our support enables us to get to know each resident, understand their triggers, behaviors, needs and build an individualized care plan that evolves over time as needed.

Who qualifies for Adeo’s Supportive Living Program?

Anyone over the age of 16 who has a brain injury may apply for this program. If you are not enrolled in Health First Colorado, simply submit the application form.

If you are enrolled in Health First Colorado (Medicaid), you must be eligible for the Brain Injury Waiver. (Note: You do not need to be on the waiver; you simply need to make sure you are eligible.)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Diagnosis of brain injury
  • 16 Years or older
  • Brain injury occurred prior to 65th birthday
  • Require long term support services at a level typically provided in a nursing home
  • Meet financial, medical and program criteria to access services under a waiver

For assistance with determining eligibility, contact the Single Entry Point agency in your county of residence. To find a list of these agencies, click here. Ask for intake or case management to get started.

For more information on the BI Waiver see:

All applicants (Medicaid and non-Medicaid) must fill out the application form and send it to:

Kortney Campbell
Program Administrator
2774 W. Reservoir Rd.
Greeley, CO 80634

P: 970-506-0008
F: 970-506-9088

Adeo’s Supportive Living Program is located at Stephens Farm at Adeo.


Stephens Farm @ Adeo Application


Please download and complete the application form and submit it via mail, fax or by using our secure link.

Kortney Campbell
Program Administrator
2774 W. Reservoir Road
Greeley, CO 80634

P: 970-506-0008
F: 970-506-9088