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Adeo Fitness

Adeo Fitness is excited to announce that we are gradually re-opening so we can continue to welcome athletes at all levels of ability to be part of our positive and supportive community!

We are still committed to preserving the health and safety of all our members and preventing the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we are offering personal training and a limited number of classes with a cap of 4 participants/class. We are also implementing elevated sanitation protocols after each use of the gym.

FREE First Class Offer

We are now offering a FREE first class, followed by 3 months for $99.

To learn more about this offer, contact Kristin Mather, Adeo Fitness Director and Certified Personal Trainer at

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for news and updates from Kristin.


Kristin Mather

Kristin is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, wellness and nutrition coach, ACSM Certified personal trainer and is certified in Adaptive Training. She earned her Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University in 2011, and has been training and coaching ever since.

Kristin believes that exercise is medicine not only for the body but for the mind and emotions as well, and it is her mission to help people live the fullest lives they can through it.

When not at Adeo, Kristin can be found drinking coffee. Oh wait, she drinks coffee all day. She can be found hanging out with her dogs, playing outdoors and not eating gluten. Kristin loves to snowboard, hike, camp and just loves being outside in general. If she isn’t out in the great outdoors, she can be found remodeling her home, wood working, working on her vehicles or just plain hanging out with friends.

Kristin’s favorite workout involves anything with snatches. She loves the challenge and the technical aspect of it.


Total Fit

A 60-minute, fast-paced, team-oriented, bootcamp-style class that includes weightlifting, powerlifting and Olympic lifting movements. If that sounds intimidating, please know that all classes are completely modifiable to meet you where you are on your fitness journey and help propel you to the next level.

No Barbells About It

If you want the Total Fit experience, but without the barbell…this is the class for you. In this 60-minute bootcamp-style class, we use dumbbells during our lifting exercises. And just like Total Fit, this class is fast-paced, but 100% modifiable for all fitness levels.


To sign up for a class–including our FREE first class promotion–please contact Kristin Mather at or 970-219-0214.