Best Greeley Personal Trainer

June 8, 2021

Strength training is very important for our overall health, but it can be easy to overlook. If you’re sore after sitting all day at work or have trouble lifting heavy objects, you could benefit from strength training. When you want to get stronger, start by working with the best Greeley personal trainer. Wondering what to look for in a personal trainer? Read on for what makes a personal trainer the best.

What  to Look for in the Best Greeley Personal Trainer

  1. Good Listener: The beginning of any personal trainer-client relationship should begin with listening. Your personal trainer should get to know you, your goals, the type of movement you enjoy, and any old injuries or pain you have. Throughout the process, they need to listen to your feedback. If you feel like your personal trainer is pushing you too hard or not hard enough and they’re not listening to your concerns, it’s time to find a new one.
  2. Personalized Program: The biggest benefit of working with a certified personal trainer is building an exercise program tailored just to you. That program should begin at your current activity and ability level. If jumping is too hard on your joints, your personal trainer should find a way to work around jumping movements. The goal is to design a workout that you will realistically do that helps achieve your goals. The best Greeley personal trainer has many different exercises to draw from so you can achieve your goals doing something you enjoy.
  3. Guidance and Demonstration: As you begin a new workout routine, your personal trainer should demonstrate the movements and help you execute them correctly. You won’t always know if you’re doing a new movement correctly, but that’s what your personal trainer is for. They will offer advice and help you make adjustments so that you’re performing every movement as intended. This kind of attention helps you avoid injury and reach your goals faster.
  4. Cheerleader and Coach: A new exercise routine can be daunting. You need someone who is going to encourage you to keep trying and push you to get stronger. The trick is finding the right balance of cheerleader and coach in a personal trainer. They should hold you accountable and drive you to work hard, but they also should celebrate your progress and know when you need encouragement or a break.

Are you ready to start working with the best Greeley personal trainer? Look no further. Come meet Adeo Athletic Center’s personal trainer: Kristin Mather. Kristin is a certified and experienced personal trainer who believes exercise is medicine not only for the body but for the mind and emotions as well. Come try out personal training at Adeo Athletic Center and see if we’re the right fit for you.