Greeley Fitness Center

July 8, 2021

Are you looking for a new place to work out? Are you unhappy with your current gym membership? When you’re looking for a new Greeley Fitness Center, it can be tough to tell which one is the best for you. Start by identifying what you need. Do you just need equipment access? If you are someone who stays motivated by solo workouts and just wants a convenient gym with equipment, you can find that. However, if you’re looking for more than just the equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about all that Adeo Athletic Center in Greeley has to offer.

Greeley Fitness Centers Compared

Not all fitness centers are created equally. See for yourself how Adeo Athletic Center compares with the average fitness center in the area.

Adeo Athletic Center
✔ Weight training and cardio equipment
✔ Fitness classes
✔ Limited fitness class size
✔ Classes are 100% modifiable
✔ Certified personal trainers
✔ Individualized attention
✔ Inclusive, inviting community
✔ All ability levels welcome
✔ Physical therapy on-site

Other Greeley Fitness Centers
✔ Weight training and cardio equipment
✔ Fitness classes
✘ Varying class size
✘ Classes might have modifications depending on instructor
✘ Personal trainers not always certified
✘ Mostly independent workouts
✘ Lack of community
✘ Anyone can join but some feel judged
✘ Not affiliated with physical therapy

Very few fitness centers have physical therapy on-site. Adeo Physical Therapy is a different department, but it is at the same location. If you need or think you need physical therapy first, you can start working with a physical therapist. Then, when you’re ready, you can begin working out at Adeo Athletic Center. If you want, physical therapy can even share your records with the athletic center so you can get the continued care and attention you need.

The Best Greeley Fitness Center

The main difference between Adeo Athletic Center and other Greeley fitness centers is the Adeo environment. Our members are not anonymous or just another number. They are part of an uplifting, encouraging community that welcomes all adults at any ability level. This kind of positive environment can make all the difference – whether that’s when you’re exercising solo in the gym, sweating in fitness classes, or working hard with our personal trainer. 

Come discover the Adeo difference with a FREE week of trial classes. Our classes are limited to 4 participants per class so you can get the individualized attention you need. You can also train with Kristin, our certified personal trainer. In the gym, we have elevated our sanitation protocols after each use. What are you waiting for? Discover what it’s like to exercise in our positive, safe environment at Adeo Athletic Center.