Greeley Physical Therapy Shoulder Pain

September 7, 2021

If you are struggling with shoulder pain, then you know that it impacts more than your workout. Shoulder pain can make regular, everyday activities more difficult. You might suddenly struggle to reach the top shelf or even check your blind spot while driving. Whether your shoulder pain is acute (sudden or recent onset) or chronic (lasting 6 months or more), physical therapy can help you. If you’re searching “Greeley physical therapy shoulder pain,” you’ve come to the right place. Adeo Physical Therapy can help you return to your normal life and activities.

Sources of Shoulder Pain

There are many potential causes of shoulder pain including: adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), bursitis, rotator cuff strains/tears, rotator cuff surgical repairs, impingement injuries, labral tears (SLAP injuries) and repairs, total shoulder replacement, and arthritis of the shoulder. You might also have shoulder pain after working out, falling, or being in a car accident.  For more serious injuries, see your doctor first.

Colorado is a direct access state, which means you don’t have to be referred by a physician. You can see a physical therapist if you have shoulder, knee, hip, etc. pain or discomfort. If your insurance company requires a referral, our staff will let you know that.

On the other hand, physical therapy is not a replacement for seeing a doctor. If you have acute, sudden onset pain or chronic, long-term pain that affects your daily life, go see your physician first. Your doctor can assess your shoulder, order imaging (like an X-ray or MRI), and diagnose the cause of your pain. For example, if you have pain in your neck and shoulder area after a car accident, your doctor needs to rule out other more serious injuries like a spinal fracture or brain bleed. While these injuries are rare, it is crucial that your doctor first checks you for these or other injuries before you resume physical activity.

Greeley Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Once you have the proper diagnosis, physical therapy is a great option for reducing your shoulder pain. At Adeo Physical Therapy, our strategy is balance. We want to help you improve steadily without increasing your pain. If you ever have pain during an exercise or feel worse after physical therapy, speak up! Pain should be your guide. Your body will not recover if you have significant pain during exercise. That is because pain is a signal to your body that something is wrong. It is possible to rehab your shoulder without increased pain, but your physical therapist needs to know what causes pain. You might need to start with smaller movements or easier exercises and do them more frequently. Over time, as you heal and your muscles begin to grow stronger again, you will be able to do more activity.

If you have shoulder pain, you don’t need to keep searching “Greeley physical therapy shoulder pain.” Instead, call Adeo Physical Therapy, conveniently located right off highway 34 in Greeley, Colorado. We help clients across the Northern Colorado area reduce their pain and return to daily activities. Schedule an appointment today to meet with one of our physical therapists.