Greeley Physical Therapy Total Joint Replacement

September 7, 2021

Are you facing a total joint replacement and worried about pain? While a joint replacement is a significant surgical procedure, it can also help improve your everyday life. However, you will need help as you start using your new knee or hip. With Greeley physical therapy after total joint replacement, you can expect to return to your usual activities with significantly reduced pain.

Why Do I Need Physical Therapy after Total Joint Replacement?

Most surgeons will prescribe physical therapy after total joint replacement surgery to improve mobility and function. While the surgery itself can help with arthritis or repairing a fracture, you still need physical therapy. A total joint replacement is a major change for your body. You will likely have pain and inflammation after surgery. While you rest and recover, the surrounding muscles will atrophy (weaken) from inactivity.

You are usually able to use your hip or knee right away after surgery depending on doctor’s orders and your body’s ability to tolerate it. This is another reason why physical therapy is so important. Your physical therapist will help you start using your joint with as little pain as possible. The main goal is to regain your range of motion. After a knee or hip replacement, restoring range of motion is essential to help you walk normally after surgery. You don’t need to be afraid to move your new joint. You just need the proper guidance so that you can get back to walking, carrying groceries, folding laundry, or using the stairs pain-free.

What Can I Expect from Greeley Physical Therapy for Total Joint Replacement?

Whether you’ve had a hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, or wrist replacement, your doctor will most likely prescribe physical therapy. Your first visits just after surgery will begin slowly, getting you used to moving your new joint and restoring your range of motion. Your physical therapist will also help slowly getting your muscles firing again after not using them immediately after surgery. As you progress on your doctor’s timeline, you’ll begin specialized exercises meant to help with your strength and mobility. You might begin with simple exercises like light stretches and leg lifts and progress to more difficult exercises as you become stronger.

Now that you’ve found our services after you searched for “Greeley physical therapy after total joint replacement,” if you’re nervous about your total joint replacement recovery, come to Adeo Physical Therapy. Our highly trained, experienced, and attentive physical therapists will help you get back to normal with as little pain as possible. You don’t have to keep living in pain. Trust the experts at Adeo Physical Therapy to help you to a speedy recovery. Schedule your post-surgical rehab appointment today.