Greeley Post Surgical Rehab

September 7, 2021

If you’re about to have surgery or just had surgery, you probably were prescribed physical therapy. With many types of procedures, surgery alone will not completely solve your problem. You may need other rehabilitative therapies, too. Physical therapy can help you return to everyday activities. If your surgery was to repair a chronic problem or old injury, you might even find that physical therapy makes certain activities easier than before. Learn more about our Greeley post surgical rehab options at Adeo Physical Therapy.

What Types of Procedures Require Post Surgical Rehab?

Your Greeley post surgical rehab should always be prescribed by your surgeon. They will ensure that you receive the right therapies on the right timeline for optimal recovery. Post surgical physical therapy is often prescribed for surgeries like a spinal fusion, ACL reconstruction, knee replacement, ankle surgery, rotator cuff surgery, and hernia repair. Joint and musculoskeletal procedures in general usually require rehabilitative therapies. If you were having pain or struggling with everyday activities before surgery, you will likely need post surgical rehab. While surgery will help fix the problem, your body will also need help restoring range of motion, function, and strength.

What Type of Rehab Do I Need After Surgery?

This question is best answered by your surgeon. Everybody and every procedure is different, so your needs might not be the same as a family member or friend, even if you had the same surgery. The most common rehabilitative therapies used after surgery include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and electrical stimulation. Manual therapy includes myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, and scar tissue mobilization. Therapeutic exercise is what comes to mind for most people when they think of physical therapy – stretches and strengthening exercises targeted to your specific post-op needs. Electrical stimulation can be used to help decrease pain or to increase muscle activity after surgery. If your doctor hasn’t brought up physical therapy or other rehab, ask what you should be doing to help recover from surgery.

Your physical therapist should work with your surgeon on your post surgical rehab program. In many cases, your surgeon will have a timeline and specific goals for your recovery. They might also have restrictions. Some movements might be restricted until so many weeks after surgery or until you’ve met range of motion or strength benchmarks.

Greeley Post Surgical Rehab at Adeo

If your surgeon has prescribed physical therapy, consider coming to Adeo for your post surgical rehab. Our experienced physical therapists will develop a program for you that follows doctor’s orders, meets your needs, and is manageable. We want you to feel like you can easily follow your program and succeed. Call us today to schedule an appointment.