How to Choose the Best Physical Therapist

February 11, 2022

There are many reasons you might consider working with a professional physical therapist, such as improving mobility, recovering from surgery or everyday musculoskeletal injuries, or improving balance. How can you ensure that the clinic you decide to work with is right for you? Choosing the right physical therapist can make a world of difference when it comes to making progress toward your goals, and, at Adeo Physical Therapy, we believe that everyone should receive the proper care they deserve. Please keep reading for our top three tips on how to choose the best physical therapist to meet your needs.

How to Choose the Best Professional Physical Therapist for Your Treatment

1. Find a Provider that You Can Trust

When searching for the right physical therapist to work with, it’s vital that you always feel comfortable with the person assessing the root cause of the pain. Ask yourself, “Is this a physical therapist I want to work with long-term?” There are no shortcuts when it comes to your treatment, so it’s essential to feel like your therapist is in your corner, supporting and guiding you throughout treatment. Communication is critical when it comes to your recovery.

2. Your Therapist Should Be Able to Clearly Communicate Your Treatment Plan and Therapy Goals

It’s essential to look for a provider with your best interest in mind regarding your recovery. Typically, when you meet your therapist for the first time, there will be a conversation surrounding your goals and which methods can be used to help you achieve those goals. A good physical therapist will communicate clearly about your treatment goals and processes and take the time to answer the questions you may have. Your therapist should involve you in the care plan and make you feel like a partner in your recovery. Your recovery is a collaborative effort. Although there will be clinical visits, please expect additional exercises for you to do at home. In addition to determining a plan of action, a good therapist will change gears if your body is not responding to treatment as the therapist initially envisioned.

3. Look for an Experienced Therapist that Offers a Variety of Different Treatment Options 

One size does not fit all when it comes to physical therapy treatments. When looking for the best match, make sure you are offered treatment options that meet your needs, expectations, and preferences. For example, Adeo Physical Therapy offers many treatments, including aquatic therapy, therapeutic exercise, dry needling, and more to help patients reach their goals. While treatment options are undoubtedly important, nothing can beat experience. Look for a therapist with a proven track record with your type of injury. The therapists at Adeo Physical Therapy each have different specialties such as post-surgical rehab, pelvic floor disorder, sports injuries, and pediatric aquatic therapy.

Ready to decide on the right professional physical therapist for your treatment? In most cases, you can see a therapist without a doctor’s referral. Call Adeo Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment at 970-339-0011.

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“I came here for help with Pelvic Floor Therapy. Leanne was so kind and helpful to me and put forth a lot of effort to make sure I felt comfortable. She definitely has a lot of experience and knows how to help you! After only one month of treatment, I was completely healed from the pain I was having for almost 2 yrs before that! The front desk staff was also always very helpful and ready to help answer any questions and fit appointments to my schedule. I will definitely be recommending this place if I hear of others that need help with any physical therapy.”