Physical Therapy and Your Annual Check-up

January 9, 2023

Image of calendar that says, "Annual PT check-up @ Adeo"Get In Gear With An Annual Check-up From A Physical Therapist

Our bodies are like automobiles. Both have complex parts and operating systems that we don’t think about very often until something goes wrong. Whether it’s your car or your body, a breakdown of any sort can be inconvenient, bothersome, and even disastrous. If you need a new battery, new starter, or a completeĀ overhaul of your engine, you trust in your mechanic for the care of your car. Who helps you when you injure your back, sprain and ankle, or have knee pain?

What Does A Physical Therapist Do?

Physical therapists are movement experts. They specialize in assessing and treating theĀ  musculoskeletal system. They are like mechanics for the human body so a physical therapist can be your go to when something breaks down. But why wait until that happens? You treat your car to regular oil changes and tune-ups, why not do the same for your body?

Similar to the systems in your car, problems with your movement system are much easier to treat if they’re found early. This keeps small issues from becoming larger ones. For example, if you have a little bit of weakness, and balance that’s not quite up to par, improving those early could prevent a sprained ankle, knee pain, or a fall.

Annual Movement Check-up

An annual movement screen from a physical therapist can find small issues that you may not have noticed with your strength, balance, flexibility, or coordination. Many of these minor issues can be fixed with a few exercises at home, or with just a few visits.

What to Expect

A screen of your movement system is quick and easy. Your annual visit may include:

  • A history of your injuries, as well as a health history
  • Assessment of your strength, balance, flexibility, etc.
  • A review of your movement goals (do you want to run a marathon? Get on and off the floor easily playing with your grandkids?)
  • A review and update of your exercise program

Adeo Physical Therapy

Ready for a tune-up? Call the experts at Adeo Physical Therapy at 970-339-0011 to get started today. If you have physical therapy benefits with your health insurance plan, a movement screen or initial physical therapy evaluation will be covered. Adeo Physical Therapy accepts all major insurances. Let us help you stay healthy, get healthier, achieve your fitness goals, and live your best life.

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