Strength Training Near Me

July 7, 2021

Nearly everyone can benefit from getting stronger. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or someone who just enjoys being active, strength training in Colorado can improve your life. If you’re searching for strength training near me, you’ve come to the right place. Adeo Athletic Center in Greeley, Colorado, offers both classes and individualized training to help you meet your strength and fitness goals. Learn more about the benefits of strength training below.

Benefits of Strength Training

As more people turn to weight lifting, they’re discovering that the benefits go beyond weight loss.

Make Daily Tasks Easier

Getting stronger can only improve your daily life. You might notice that it’s easier to lift heavy objects, hike a more difficult trail, or even sit at your desk for longer. Core abdominal strength is so important for many things we do on a daily basis, starting with simply sitting.

Help with Chronic Illness

Whether for chronic pain, diabetes, MS, or another illness, proper strength training can help manage your chronic illness. However, you should always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen. Your doctor might also recommend physical therapy as a way to begin growing stronger. Conveniently located next to Adeo Athletic Center is Adeo Physical Therapy. You can begin your strength journey with our physical therapists and later transition to using our fitness center.

Build Confidence

As you grow stronger, you might notice that you’re also more confident and comfortable in your body. Among different types of exercise, strength training is an easy area to track progress. You’ll be able to see the difference as you lift heavier weights or hold certain positions longer. That confidence from your workout can follow you into your everyday life, too.

Help Improve your Health

Many people turn to weightlifting for weight loss. That’s just one potential benefit of strength training. Strength training is good for your heart and bones as well as maintaining muscle mass. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are great not only for strength training but also as cardiovascular exercise, combining the benefits of both.

Personalized Strength Training Near Me

If you want a personalized approach to strength training near me, come visit Adeo Athletic Center. Our personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Kristin, has seen the benefits of strength training first-hand in her clients and in her own life. She believes that exercise is medicine for the body, mind, and emotions. Sign up for a free week of classes at our Greeley fitness center to discover the Adeo difference.