What’s the Difference Between a Gym and a Fitness Center?

May 3, 2021

Movement is good for our health. Whether it’s weight lifting, going for a walk with friends, or playing a sport, our bodies need to move. If you’re looking for a new place or way to exercise, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’ve been searching online and seen different ads for gyms and fitness centers. What’s the difference between a gym and a fitness center? We’re glad you asked.

The Difference between a Gym and a Fitness Center

In short, a gym is a place; a fitness center is an experience. When you hear the word gym, you might think back to basketball games in middle school. Some gyms are strictly gymnasiums: facilities for sports like basketball or volleyball. However, “gym” can also refer to a place where you pay for access to exercise equipment or classes. They usually have cardio and weight training equipment. So, what makes that different from a fitness center?

Some gyms have almost everything; however, you’re more likely to find those extra amenities – group classes, personal training, etc – at a fitness center. But the biggest difference between a 24-hour gym and a fitness center is the environment and experience you’ll have there. If you’re not content with being anonymous at a big 24-hour gym, you need the fitness center experience.

Personalized Experience at Adeo Athletic Center

At Adeo Athletic Center, you’ll be more than just a number. Our fitness center offers not only equipment, group classes, and personal training, but a positive, encouraging environment. We welcome everyone ages 16 and above at all ability levels. Whether you’re just starting to work out or you’re looking to mix up your workouts, you’ve found the right place. You’ll feel uplifted and encouraged as you get to know our staff and other clients.

All your activities at Adeo Athletic Center are customized to you – whether it’s personal training with Kristin to meet your goals or taking a group fitness class. There’s no need to feel nervous before taking a group class. Our instructors will demonstrate every movement, help with your form, and provide modifications as needed. Do high-impact moves hurt your joints? Are you not as flexible as you used to be? No problem. Our group classes are completely modifiable.

Are you ready to get moving in a positive environment? Adeo Athletic Center has that fitness center difference. We are conveniently located in Greeley, serving Greeley, Evans, and Windsor residents. We also welcome folks from Loveland, Fort Collins, and everywhere in between. Sign up for your free first week and visit our facility today.