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“I have been going to Leanne for pelvic floor therapy for a year now. She is a wonderful therapist and has helped me greatly. Before seeing Leanne I had gone to three different urologists and none of them were able to help me. The therapy from Leanne was exactly what I needed and I feel so fortunate that I found her. Leanne is always on time for appointments and I have never had to wait. She is very easy to talk to and explains things so they are easily understood. Leanne answers all questions and has had some great suggestions for me as well. I feel very fortunate to have found Leanne and she is truly the best. I highly recommend her.” — Barbara M.


My expectations and therapy goals were most definitely met. I was totally amazed that I could get back to normal! Thanks for helping me get back on the slopes!” — Josh S. 


“When I first received my diagnosis of a pelvic floor disorder I was shocked to say the least. I had been living with the pain and symptoms for so long that I had begun to accept them as normal. Except that normal meant that I could no longer enjoy my life and that I was often in pain and taking numerous prescription medications. I felt like I was just existing, not really living my life. I was rapidly running out of hope that I could ever regain control of my life. I was then referred to Leanne by my Urologist for treatment. At first, I was hesitant to receive the treatments and skeptical that they would have any positive impact. Leanne quickly addressed my fears and put my mind at ease. She explained the treatments in a way that I could understand and it was immediately clear to me that she was highly skilled, compassionate and truly wanted to help me. I have been under Leanne’s care now for over a year and the results have far exceeded my expectations. I have been able to reduce the number of medications I have to take by 75%. I am pain free and am able to ride my mountain bike three to four times a week without any issues. I feel like I have gotten my life back and that my best days lay ahead of me, not behind me, my hope for a better tomorrow has been restored. Thank you, Leanne, I don’t think this would have ever happened without you and your helpful staff.” — Roger P.


“Wonderful staff, excellent physical therapists. All with great kindness and a sense of humor. So grateful for their brilliant care.” — Lou Ellen R.


“Moni Kohlhoff really knows her stuff! She evaluates carefully, then chooses exercises that will best benefit you. She puts you through your paces while at the same time encouraging you to push yourself toward improving your condition. She is kind, easy to talk to and very personable. If I need therapy in the future, I will definitely return to Moni.” — Margaret D.


“Adeo Physical Therapy is a great place—excellent therapy! I have been there several times and I’m pleased with the results. I have had great success with the healing process after having therapy.” — Carol B.


“I have had endometriosis for the past 20 years and after multiple laparoscopic surgeries and continual extreme pain, I made the decision to have a hysterectomy. When I first started to go to Leanne, it was after this procedure and although the hysterectomy did alleviate some of my pain, I was still experiencing severe back, leg and pelvic floor pain. Leanne listened to my symptoms and immediately calmed my anxiety about my continual chronic pain with her positive, empathetic, and calming energy. I immediately felt safe. Her comprehensive knowledge and understanding allowed us to try multiple methods to treat my pain, and I immediately began to notice a difference. Through the work that she has done, I no longer constantly suffer from debilitating pain that would dictate each day; in short, she gave me my life back.” — Cassie B


“The therapy pool was warm, wonderful, just perfect—it made me feel strong! The therapists helped me walk again and have better balance. They made me feel special. Your facility is #1; a place where I could relax and feel calm while working with my therapist.” — Judith M.


“I was in a major automobile accident in 2017 and as a result I have several health issues including debilitating lower back issues that make it almost impossible to walk, sit, lie down or stand. I could no longer perform the duties that my employer expected of me and had no choice but to go on short term disability. I surrounded myself with the best medical team that had my best interests at heart and was told the same thing from all of them, I would need surgery to correct my entire lumbar region. I only wanted surgery as a last resort, so, I decided to try physical therapy. I made an appointment to meet with Moni to discuss the proper treatment program for me. After a thorough evaluation I began months of a combination of aquatic and traditional physical therapy. Each method designed to target my pain, increase my mobility, and give me the tools necessary to help myself in the future. Unlike other centers where you feel like you are only a number, I received the best one-on-one care that I could ask for. Moni is knowledgeable, professional and lets you know that she really cares about helping you get better.” — Rob S.


“I was helped immensely by my treatments with Leanne. My pain and related issues were completely resolved in just a few sessions, it was unbelievable! She is extremely knowledgeable and personable, and she always took the time to answer any questions I had. She was gentle in her work and always explained what she was doing as she was doing it. I would recommend her to anyone seeking physical therapy!” — Lizie T