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Community support for people with disabilities.

At Adeo, we believe people with brain injuries and other disabilities deserve to live lives filled with optimism and promise. As a multi-faceted nonprofit, it is our mission to provide the individualized services, support and inspiration that will help you reach your highest potential. If you are in need of (or know someone who needs) disability services, brain injury services call us or fill out our form.

Established in 1977 as Greeley Center for Independence, our organization has grown and evolved to serve all of Northern Colorado. The name “Adeo” carries with it encouragement for progress now and into the future, as we continue to expand our reach within the Greeley community and beyond.

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I typically write posts from the perspective of a healthcare professional; planning to include facts, numbers, and a lot of medical jargon (and I will still include some of that). After all, I am a physical therapist and geek out on research and evidence. But I write this post also as someone who has had […]

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