Building Connections, Elevating Lives: A Core Value at Adeo

At Adeo, we believe that fostering meaningful relationships is at the heart of everything we do. While providing essential support such as food, shelter, transportation, and staff assistance is crucial, it is the opportunity to build connections—both within our organization and the wider community—that truly brings joy and the promise of a “life, elevated” to our residents with brain injuries.

Our staff is dedicated to getting to know each resident on a deeper level. We intentionally design our schedules to include ample time for staff and residents to engage in activities together, creating opportunities for relationship building. This commitment to connection is why we often see former staff members returning to visit and check in with our residents.

A perfect example of this lasting bond is Jenn Palmer, who recently rejoined the Adeo family for a couple of special projects. Jenn worked at Stephens Farm at Adeo for twelve years, leading the program for eight of those years. Despite pursuing new opportunities, Jenn’s connection to Adeo remains strong.

This month, Jenn graduated with a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Florida. For her final requirement, she needed to complete an internship where she could apply her newly acquired skills and knowledge. Jenn chose Adeo, drawn by her deep connection to our mission and vision and her desire to return to a community she holds dear.

Under the guidance of our Executive Director, Sarita Reddy, Jenn worked on two critical projects. The first project ensured Adeo continues to remain compliant with new regulatory requirements. The second project involved gathering vital insights and feedback from our stakeholders to guide our upcoming expansion of services. Jenn’s contributions will help us continue to provide the necessary services to people with brain injuries.

Congratulations, Jenn! We are incredibly proud of your achievements and grateful for your continued dedication to Adeo. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for helping us elevate lives through the power of relationships.