Walk, Run or Roll 2020 – The Power of Connection

September 8, 2020

So, here we are…Walk, Run or Roll 2020 – The Power of Connection, Adeo’s first virtual fundraising event, has come to a close, and I am so grateful for the immense support we received from across the country.

Like every other non-profit organization this year, we had to fundamentally reshape our signature event, hoping that we could still inspire people to sponsor, participate and donate. I am elated to report that despite the global pandemic, this year’s event was a huge success on several levels:

  • We had more sponsors and more sponsorship dollars this year than ever before. Click here for a list of the individuals and businesses who believe the work we do is worth investing in.
  • Every one of our residents was sponsored to participate. Check out their photos here.
  • We had more people register for this event than we have ever had – a total of 149.
  • We raised $4,500 in individual donations.

In all, we raised more than $15,000 for the work we do to support people with disabilities and their families in Northern Colorado – more than twice as much as in previous years. More importantly, this event has brought into sharp focus the importance of human connections at a time when physical distancing measures are pushing us to connect in new and unique ways.

More Reflections On Walk, Run or Roll 2020 – The Power of Connection

As I reflect on the events of the last couple of months, there are many examples of how relationships and connections led to the outpouring of support for our organization. My favorite moment of the last few weeks came when I asked my friend, Jane Boyd, about Marquavious Barnes. Jane had made a substantial donation in honor of Marquavious and I knew there was a story there! Here’s what she said:

“Qua was one of my students at Clarke Central High School. He was hit by a car when he was 7 or 8 years old. The resulting Traumatic Brain Injury affects his motor, speech, and cognitive processing functions. I only got to know him as a high schooler but he is one of those people who grabs your heart! Facing so much adversity, he seems to be perpetually optimistic. I know he must have his down times but I have never heard him complain or speak unkindly of anyone. And his smile lights up any room!”

Qua loves sports – especially basketball. He played in the wheelchair league in Athens, Georgia (while he is independently mobile, he cannot run) and recruited other students, teachers, and police officers to play against his team. After graduating high school, his mentor in the community helped him apply to Georgia Institute of Technology’s EXCEL program. He is now entering his fourth year and loves it!

Jane’s story about Qua resonates with our team at Adeo. We have all experienced the great joy of creating meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with the people we serve and are grateful to have expanded our circle of support to include all of you who chose to invest in what we do.

Thank you!

Marquavious Barnes, Athens, Georgia

This fine looking gentleman is Marquavious Barnes from Athens, Georgia. The tattoo on his arm says “Never Give Up”!


Dr. Sarita Reddy has served as Adeo’s Executive Director since January 2014. She is driven by a deep belief that every person has gifts and talents to offer the world, and is fierce in her conviction that if the people Adeo serves are provided opportunities to share their gifts with the community, they will strengthen the fabric of the community as a whole.